Graphic Card runs 100% without doing anything

Hello .

I recently bought components and assembled a PC my self, so far it seems to be working fine till yesterday it started working different and i have no clue why because i know i didnt do anything unusual.

The graphics card is gtx 680 direct cu top II so for while monitoring it , while playing crysis 3 all on max or assassins creed all on max it shows GPU usage perhaps 50-60% and everything runs smooth and nice, and the temperature would be around 55C max..

Like i said, from yesterday it works on 100% on GPU usage and the memory clock shows max and the temperature goes up to 65 C , something seems to be forcing it and i cant figure out what is it .. And this is just by turning on the PC and without running anything at all..

This is Asus gpu monitoring program that came with the drivers and all ,

Hope you can help, thank you!
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  1. Have you tried reinstalling the drivers over Nvidia Experience?
  2. No, but i just might do that, all though im curious what this might be ... its a powrful card, and i cant imagine would could bring it to its 100% like that .
  3. Sounds like your system has picked up some malware-to coin a phrase from the fashion world: bitcoin miners are big this season-and I suspect that's happened, check the CPU use as well, it's probably quite high at idle too.
    First run a full system virus sweep, restart, then run a sweep using something like Malwarebytes.
  4. Re installed drivers, and its not the case, and as for mawlares i think you might be right, ill try doing a full scan and do what you recommend, also the CPU is a bit higher than usual considering its a fast and good processor . Ill do what you said and ill get back to you Sir.
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