Is there a way to control the case fan speeds?

My mobo is

ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. CM6330_CM6630_CM6730_CM6830 (LGA1155)

I installed 2 120 mm fans to the case i want to know is there any program that lets me control the fan speed of the 2 fans so when im not needing them as much and want it quite i can slow them down is there ant special program for that.

The fans are

Antec 120mm Blue led fan
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  1. how are the fans hooked up? To the motherboard?
  2. "Speedfan" is a program that works on some systems:
    I could be wrong, but I believe that it works best with fans which have 4 wires and the fans are plugged into the MB. You should also check your BIOS as most MB's these days have temperature controls built into the BIOS.

  3. getochkn said:
    how are the fans hooked up? To the motherboard?
    No they are threw power supply
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    Case fan speed control:

    1) BIOS (may be some settings here to enable)

    2) Download and install the Fan Control software for your EXACT motherboard (see motherboard support site). Change from 100% to 50% and listen to see if fan speed changes (noise). A good ramp is 40degC at 50% to 70degC at 100% (will vary).

    3) My motherboard can control 3-pin (Voltage) and 4-pin (PWM) fans for Case Fans. Older motherboards may support 3-pin only.

    4) Fan must be attached to the proper motherboard FAN connectors just like the CPU fan is.
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