Best motherboard for £50-£60

Hi guys i'm trying to get the parts to build my first PC and i bought an AMD 6300 processor but i dont know which Mobo is best to go with it. My budget is only around £60 max for the mobo, does anyone have any advice thx

The case I'm thinking of getting is the Cooler Master RC-430-KWN1 Elite 430 Midi Tower
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    For full compatibility with the FX 6300 you should be using a mb with a 970 , 990X or 990 FX chip set

    Your budget is probably going to let you go with 970 only
    and since I have no idea what is avaialble to you in the UK and where you might get it from or the actual cost to you
    I'm just going to guess and say
    Asrock 970 extreme3
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