setting up BEFSR41 as hub/switch

I been trying to setup my old BEFSR41 as switch/hub by following the suggestions from various discussion forums, but I'm still having problem getting it working, I hope someone can point out to me what step am I missing?

I have a d-link dir655 running in the basement connected to the cable feed from ISP. All 4 lan ports are connected to ethernet cables all the way to the 2nd floor - one per room. In one of the room, I want to utilize BEFSR41 so that I can attach 3 more PCs to access the internet.

The d-link dir655 is using with dhcp enable with range 0.100 to 0.199. BEFSR41 default is but I have set the dhcp disable. I tried leaving the BEFSR41 as but didn't work; then I tried set it to but didn't work; I tried connected using the regular #port and also Uplink port, still didn't work. In couple of times, as soon as the cable is attached, a functional IP (in the range of 0.100 to 0.199) was properly acquired, but then dropped after about 5 secs and then never able to connect anymore.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

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    Setup the BEFSR41 as you would an access point: give it an address in the network range, turn off DHCP. So with the DIR-655 router with a gateway of, make the BEFSR41 (or some other unused address in the network range) and then also in the DIR-655 use address reservation to assign that address to the BEFSR41 (you will need to enter the MAC address of the BEFSR41 in the DIR-655 in the LAN address reservation page) and also give it that address in its own configuration page -- also connect it LAN to LAN port.
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