GPU driver problems after Win8 upgrade

System specs:
Intel i5-2320 3ghz
Acer mobo
stock psu
8gb ram
1tb HDD
AMD radeon HD 7350 1gb (waiting on arrival for 6970 2gb)

Since I upgraded to Windows 8, AMD's catalyst control center is prompting me with and error that states "no settings can be changed with CCC" I've tried searches and followed through with uninstalling all of my GPU drivers and reinstalling it. I am getting no where, I can't find a fix that works and with a new GPU and PSU on the way will I experience this issue again? MSI Afterburner even can't detect my GPU and says "Unknown OS." This only began after I upgraded. Thanks everyone.
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  1. Did you get your drivers from AMD directly? (follow link)
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    Here is the latest Win8 64bit driver for AMD (for both your HD 7350 and 6970):
  3. I have your solution, Dayton.
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