Inno3D GTX 760 in Zalman Z11 Plus possible?

Hey all,

I am totally in love with the design/features/price point of this case. I am currently building a system that will be equipped with a GTX 760. I am debating between the MSI TF and the Inno3d Ichill which has a higher clock and better cooling, but with more noise.

The case supposedly only accepts videocards up to 290mm, but on the product page on the zalman website it clearly shows that the space is 300mm (they leave some space unused for wires i suppose?). If i ran the wires through the panel behind the mobo wouldn't this allow me to use the Ichill which is 295mm long? If not i'll just have to stick to the MSI TF which is below 290mm due to having 2 fans instead of the 3 fans in the Inno3d.

With the performance of these cards being so close (except the cooling performance) with neither card being the end all be all of the situation. Would it even be smart to switch to inno3d for an extra 20-30euros?

Any help would be much appreciated :)
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    Hi - My rig uses a Zalman Z11 Plus and I have a GTX 780 - check out my video of the build for ideas and scope -
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