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I just finished downloading Battlefield 3 from Amazon to my PC and I'm having trouble with the installation. I went to install it, and it wanted me to install Origin, so I did. However, I then encountered a bug where every time I opened up Origin it would act as if I didn't update it, no matter how many times I updated it (and it said that it had updated). I then closed everything out, uninstalled Origin, and tried again. This time, however, the Amazon downloader is saying that I need to download BF3 again. That wouldn't be bad except my SSD shows that 10 GB of storage for Battlefield 3 have been used up, but I can't find the files for Battlefield 3 anywhere, so it's as if 10 GB of my SSD just disappeared. Is BF3 just hidden somewhere? If I download BF3 again from Amazon is it going to use up another 10 GB of my storage? SSD's are expensive and I don't want to just throw space away. Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. don't download origin games from amazon download them from origin it self
  2. It will be wherever the Amazon downloader is setup to download to, probably downloads folder.

    Login to your Amazon account and find the BF3 product key and redeem it using Origin.

    Where's my product key?

    If your game or software requires a product/activation key, you can find it in Your Games and Software Library. To view your product key, click "Show Product Keys."

    Not sure if you've activated the key or if it would matter, use the redeem code/serial key option in Origin and find out.

    People would find cheap deals for games etc from other game sites and use the key wherever the game is also available and in such a case, it could be Steam (For sake of keeping games in one place for convenience) if the game was also available there.

    Also Agreed with muayyad AJ, reading feedback on Amazon's download app looks like nothing but trouble. Don't use it, just get good deals on product keys if its cheaper there and download the game else where.
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    check in C:\Users\username\desktop

    I've read around and seems Amazon's downloader is set to download to Desktop, which if you have set hidden desktop icons is probably why you cant see it.
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