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    Rebel_Justin said:

    Laptop manufacturers have a huge range of laptop quality available for sometimes great and some outrageous prices. Laptop manufacturers that, from my personal experience, I recommend you stay FAR away from include Dell and HP. I can't say much about Sony or Toshiba, but some of the best laptop manufacturers are Lenovo. Their IdeaPad (not to be confused with ThinkPad) "Y" line of laptops are made pretty much just for gaming and are quite affordable.

    I will warn you though, that you probably shouldn't expect a great gaming laptop for anything less than around $750-ish.

    Of the 4 you listed, the Sony Vaio is probably the most efficient. However, ultimately they're all crap.

    Here's a few I'd recommend:

    The one on the left is cheapest, but blows away the ones you listed.

    If you suddenly discover you have the budget, also check out the y500 or y510 series of laptops. They're basically all the same, but ultimately you'll get some great performance with the left-most laptop in the link I sent you.

    EDIT: Obviously, don't forget to use the coupon they list or else you're paying about $400 extra.
  2. ill look into those for the most part i will be playing lower demanding games such as chivalry or gta 4 i already have a desktop with a 670 for most of the hardcore gaming
  3. my bad they have another sale sorry
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