ccc power limit keeps resetting after coming out of sleep and throttles my overclock

I'm trying to overclock my Sapphire 7950 boost. I couldn't increase clock-rate at all until I first increased the power control to +20%. After I did that, I set it all the way to 1150 gpu/1450 mem. Worked great. I went from 7800 to 9700 graphics score in 3dmak.

I sleep or hibernate my computer, then wake it back up. When I run 3dmark again, my score drops down to 6000 or so. I determined that it was due to a problem with the power control resetting itself back to 0% and then throttling my overclock because it's trying to draw more power than the power control will allow. The crazy thing is that it still says 20%. When I change it down, then back to 20%, I'm back to getting 9700 in 3d mark and it stops throttling me.

How can I set the power control to always stay at +20% no matter what. Is there a bios adjustment or registry key I can change? I searched everywhere and there isn't a lot of info about this problem. I also tried disabling ccc overdrive and used trixx and msi afterburner, but they both had the same issue.
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  1. So I figured out a solution. Ccc wasn't saving any of my settings on reboot. I disabled ccc overdrive and installed msi afterburner. I set afterburner to the 1150/1450 overclock, +20% power limit, to start with windows, and to start minimized. Then I had to set the 3d profile in settings > profiles. I had to set the 3d profile to +20%/1150MHz/1450MHz/Auto. Once that was set, I can sleep and wake all I want and my card doesn't reset it's power limit. Yay
  2. Figured I'd follow up again for any people with this problem in the future. I HATE when I find a person that posts an identical problem as me and they report that they fixed it, but they don't say how. So... Afterburner wasn't a permanent solution. The problem returned. But I seemed to have actually fixed it for good by disabling ULPS in the registry. There are plenty of guides around for how to do this. ULPS was putting by 2nd card to sleep while in 2d mode. When the card went to sleep, the powertune on the second card returned to 0%. Since crossfire uses the settings of the lower card, they both ran at 0% and caused me issues with throttling.
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