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Will this PC configuration work? CPU cooler questions. Please Help!

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August 23, 2013 8:59:12 PM

Here is all the PC parts I have picked out -

1.) Is there enough space for both the RAM and CPU cooler to fit?

2.) I am not going with water cooling, will there be heat issues?

3.) If anyone can link me or tell me what kind of FPS I will be reaching on Ultra with this build on BF3, I would appreciate it.

I picked out these parts because I will be gaming on BF3/4 on Ultra settings, (trying to achieve as high of a FPS rate as possible.) I will also be doing video editing on sony vegas 12 and recording my gameplay.

I am aware that this is overkill and pretty expensive, I have earned all the money that will be going into this PC and a great gaming experience with fast video editing is what I need!

If I should go with the H100i, can you answer these questions below about my concerns with this CPU cooler? -

1.) Does this CPU have a good track record? (does it stay on well?)... I'm worried that since I will be putting all this money that it could leak.

2.) Easy to install?

3.) Easy to refill or clean if it is even recommended to do that every few months or never?

4.) Does it get in the way if I was to want to upgrade something in the future?

5.) Easy to take out if need be?

I appreciate all feedback and suggestions so feel free.

Best solution

a c 213 à CPUs
August 23, 2013 10:18:55 PM

RAM must be less than 40mm .... I know these work

Id recommend the Phanteks over the Noc

If this is a gaming box, I wouldnt be doing LGA 2011

As for the H100..... I see no value to it whatsoever.....

1. It beats the Phanteks by 0.5C .... I need a helluva lot more cooling advantage to offset the risk of water inside PC.

2. Based upon their own advertising, it's 18db louder (each 3dba = doubling of sound pressure) or 2^6th power or 64 times louder than the phanteks.

3. Vortez writes:

However, this performance comes at a cost; noise. At 2600RPM, the H100 isn’t a quiet unit at all and similarly at 2000RPM, it can still be quite intrusive. In terms of performance per noise, high end air coolers from Phanteks, Noctua and Thermalright still reign supreme, contrary to Corsair’s own marketing. Like other ALC units, the H100 relies too much on high RPM fans for its performance when the goal of water cooling is generally for extreme performance at low noise levels.

4. Listen:

Ya wanan go that way get the Coolermaster Prestige 240L which is very similar to the Swiftech 220