How to setup lan connection to play lan games?

So I have one computer using LAN connection, and the other using Wireless, they're both connected to same internet access, so I want to setup LAN connection to play LAN games like haft life 2, saints row, etc...Can I do that?
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    Assuming they are on the same network and can ping each other, then yes.

    Depending on where the game is hosted, the wireless connection is going to make one or the other player suffer a disadvantage, especially on a FPS like Half-Life 2
  2. So do you have any ideas how to set it up?
  3. TheUnknownSources said:
    So do you have any ideas how to set it up?

    Don't know how to set up LAN gaining for HL2, but can't imagine it would be that difficult. I think Google will be your friend here :)
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