Connected to wifi but either no connectivity or no internet access.

Hey guys,
Im currenting using RT61 Turbo card ( ralink) to connect to internet with my desktop. It worked fine at home, friends house and other house in the past few years. This year i went to another house to stay but i cant connect anymore.
- I tried to connect to this network ( in the house, isp is comcast) but half of the time i can not connect. I tried to trouble shoots but it does not show anything.
- Other time I am able to connect to that network, however there is NO INTERNET ACCESS even when connected.
- Sometime I am able to get some signal, that means i can CONNECT to the internet, but it is extremely slow. I ran speed test and it came up with around 600 MS ping and 0.3 mbps. The network at my new house is around 18 mbps.
- Another weird thing is that i can connect to the same network with my laptop / phone just fine.
- I used my IPHONE to connect to the same wifi, and then use that iphone to create a wifi hotspot. I am able to use my desktop to connect to that iphone wifi NORMALLY.
- Last but not least, i went to bestbuy and grab a linksys dual band N600 wireless card because i thought something was wrong with my current adapter card. however the problem seeems not to be fixed. I can connect to that network but the speed is still extremely slow.
PLEAse help me out, im currently going to grad school and i need my desktop really bad. Im using window 7
Thank you guys.
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  1. can you open your gateway....... mine is

    a problem might be your system tweaks

    try installing this it will auto fix your connection with a single click‎

    os your wireless drivers installed
  2. I did try to reinstall the wireless but it did not help. I also tried with the new wireless adapter and new driver for it and it did not work as well. Im not back til tmr night so i dont know the gateway yet but i think it is either or
  3. Best answer
    try to connect your gateway first to know that your connected to your device

    simply press start then type cmd (command prompt)

    type ipconfig and you will see the DEFAULT GATEWAY then type that on yor web browser if you can connect ....

    also try troubleshooting your adapter..........

    open network and sharing center then go to the "change adapter settings" in the left pane then right click your adapter and select troubleshoot this

    windows can find the problem and it can fix automatically..........
  4. I will try this right away when i get home tomorrow night. Will let you know how it goes. Thank you very much.
  5. welcome...

    hope your problem fixed...
  6. i tried everything you suggested but didnt work.
    For the wireless adapter card thats im currently using RT61 turbo, it connected to the wifi but no internet access so it does not have any gateway ip. Throttle didnt help.
    For the new usb wireless adapter that i bought, linksys n600, it connected and the connection is really slow. Ping is okay now, around 70 but downstream is 0.5 instead of 18mbps. Throttle didnt help either. Gateway is, i logged in and try to change the broadcast mode ( currently mixed signal) to B, G, N only but it didnt help.

    So i go back using my rt61 card, connect to my phone 's wifi hotspot. It worked normally. Its slow but its better than nothing. Do you have any other suggestion?
  7. try to reset your modem by holding the reset button until all the lights light up then try to re-modify the settings do it both to your modem and router

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