Fx 6300 with gtx760?

fx 6300 @3.5 and i will NOT OC it. How would it go together.I'm gonna play bf4 and other next gen game at 1080p,high details with a bit of aa?

I will keep cpu for 2-3 years so until then it should perform well?
i want to go with i5 4570 but it's out of my budget being almost 100$ more expensive here.
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  1. What about a i5-3330p? The non overclocked fx-6300 isn't very good. i3 bests it in gaming.
  2. envy14tpe said:
    What about a i5-3330p? The non overclocked fx-6300 isn't very good. i3 bests it in gaming.

    All i5 3xxx are out of the stock here. Thanks for your opinion. Yeah all posts that i have been reading about fx6300 are about oc that cpu but none of them tell how will perform at stock which really interests me.

    Is fx6300 stock really that bad and comparable to i3 3220 would be good for single player but it's lousy for multiplayer like bf3/bf4
  3. If you are not OCing, get the FX6350 instead. According to TH, the FX6xxx chips strongly outperform i3s:,review-32759-19.html

    In particular, look at the minimum FPS ratings - the FX chips give a smoother ride.

    I would speculate that the FX6300 would do better in multiplayer/online games as it is more multithreaded, so it can handle more concurrent processes than an i3, which is really just a dual core part.
  4. Fx 6300 with gtx760 is a good combination. Go for it. I remember seeing a thread last month on the same topic-
  5. Gotta compare the fx-6300 to i3-3225 in games and applications usage. You'll see a better picture that way. I highly recommend the fx-6300 but it's amazing once overclocked.
  6. Darnit seems i'll have to go with i5 4570 just to be sure.Maybe in 2 years i don't have to upgrade my cpu if i go with i5 path.

    I wanted to go with gtx770 but since it would bottleneck stock fx6300 so i would also have to change to i5 and 760 to 770 which would be about 200-250$ more expensive so i will just go with better cpu because getting gtx770 for fx6300 would be suicide and i can't afford both new cpu and gpu:-)
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    If you overclock the fx-6300 and get a 770 you'll be ok. It won't bottleneck it. If you want to play it safe then get a i5.
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