Will two 760s work?

I had a recent thread and a guy said two GTX 760s are better then 1 titan. Is this true? Because its a Lot cheaper go with that. I am look for a graphic card(s) to run BF4, BeamNG drive, ksp, Sinking Sim, GPU intensive games. Thanks

GTX 760:
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    He is right.

    Two GTX 760s give more FPS (slightly more) than a GTX Titan for half the price.
    Really a steal.
  2. Yea it would be a little more powerful than a Titan. The Titan is actually overpriced. A 780 OCed would defeat a Titan. If you go with 2 760s, make sure you have enough room for your case, mobo has sli support, and specially your PSU. Goodluck
  3. Actually Titan is overpriced for a reason.
    That is that Titan is designed to be SLIed.

    You can easily see that it has the best blower available for any GPU in the world and also the fact that Blowers work much better than fans in SLI / XFire.

    No one would buy such a powerful single card when same company has 50% more performance in GTX 690 which also costs same.

    Usually people buy 3 Titans for Tri-SLI since 690 SLI can give 70% more performance than GTX Titan SLI.
    Its more of rich people's card of choice.
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