GTX 760 vs Radeon 7950 for Eyefinity / Nvidia Surround?

I was planning on upgrading my GTX 570 to one of these two cards and was wondering which would be better for running 3 x 1080p screens. I assume that the 7950 would have an advantage as it has 3GB of VRAM vs the GTX 760's 2GB of VRAM. From what I know the resolution will be 5760x1080. Which would perform better out of the two?
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    You can buy a 4gb version of the GTX 760 if your budget allows that. I think that Nvidia has better multi screen support, especially if you might drop another card in later for dual sli. The 760 is also a newer card, and there pretty much the same performance wise. Right now, at least, AMD is having problems with crossfire and eyefinity together. I think either card would do fine, but there is different setups for Eyefinity and Surround. Just make sure you get higher than 2gb VRAM.
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