DBAN Wipe Harddisk - process crash

I'm trying to DBAN my 1TB WD drive with the dod short method. I booted it with a usb stick. At this point everything went alright and dod short method starts succesfully. After running it for 15+ hours I turned my PC on and I get this message:

DBAN finished with non-fatal errors.
Hardware clock operation start: Fri AUG 23 17:29:40 2013
Hardware clock operation finish date: Sat Aug 24 08:54:49 2013

Fail ATA DISK WDC WD100 etc etc
ERROR /dev/sda ( process crash )

press any key to continue.

However, I should note that half way through I took the risk of taking my USB stick as I needed to copy some files on it. A few messages flashes when I did that but it still continue'd to wipe.

My question is, most people who get the process crash get the error BEFORE they can start the wipe. This happend to me after 15 hours of wiping, however I still get the error. Did DBAN still succesfully wipe my HD?

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  1. I would guess that the error was caused by it trying to do whatever it does after it's wiped the drive, and finding the software missing.

    If it only showed the error at the end, you're fine.
  2. Can anyone else verify? thanks
  3. Of course, if you're worried, the best option is to do it again.

    Or wipe it using ATA secure erase - once you start that, you can't read anything until it finishes, even if you turn it off.
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