Connecting front panel connectors to GIGABYTE D3HP Z87 Mobo , problem.....

So im doing a new build, the case im using is an aerocool xpredator and the motherboard is a GIGABYTE D3HP Z87 mobo , all was good until i came around to connecting the front panel connectors.....
Problem 1: is that the led pwr connectors writing is faded so i cant tell which one is positive or negative , i ended putting the black cable as negative and the red cable as postive.
Problem 2:I have no reset pwr cables, the only cable which is left is a cable which is written on it : +5v -D +D GND , what do i do with it , i looked the maual and there absolutely nothing about the cable .

What do i do ? Please Help

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  2. Calvin7 said:

    thanks for the reply ,
    however i just went snooping around my old motherboard manaul , and in it , it says that the cable is a speaker out cable to i connected it to my speaker pins and it fits ,
    what about the lack of the reset cables
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