Ethernet Controller: The drivers for this device are not installed. (code 28)

Basically, I've been having connection issues for ages, over a year now, and whenever my connection goes crummy, I reset the wireless modem downstairs and then my PC refuses to reconnect to the network saying there's no internet access.

What I've been doing to overcome this is just leaving it unplugged over-night and then hope that by the next afternoon it's self-corrected itself. However, recently, I've been looking into it and discovered this problem about the drivers not being installed for an ethernet controller device.

I've had a look around for the drivers but everyone says that I need to enter the devices name etc. in Google and I should find the page to install the drivers but for some reason the device has no name, manufacturer and whatever else and so it's impossible for me to find these drivers I need to hopefully fix the problem.
I thought it was something to do with my network adapter so I updated it's drivers etc but it still says there's a problem!

Also, my PC was bought by a custom PC builder and so has no set manufacturer but here are all of the specs below:

CPU : AMD FX-4100 Quad core
GPU : AMD Radeon HD 7850
MoBo : Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P
Wireless Adapter : ADDON NWP210

I was also fiddling around in some places as well and came across a sort of error report for the ethernet controller and as some kind of code it said this:

I've tried googling it but all it does is come up with something about Laptop drivers :T

If you guys know a solution to this I would very much appreciate it lol - and if it means buying a new Mobo or Wireless PCI adapter or whatever then so be it :C

thanks in advance.
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    The wireless adapter drivers can be found here:

    Can get ethernet drivers here:
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