ASRock Z87 Extreme6 vs Asus Z87-PRO Intel Z87 reliability advice

Which motherboard out of the two would be better in buying a computer with a GTX 680 and an I7-4770k. I am going to be overclocking them both and so I am completly stuck on which motherboard will be the best for this.
By best I mean reliability and longer lasting and overall better and more features.
Thank you in advanced :)
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    Both are good mobos which will last, seems like Asus has a better handle on the chipset though, my SB and IB were both Rock mobos, but after a few builds on Haswell decided on the Asus Hero for my 4770K, and most of my clients are going with the Asus mobos also, for $20 more, if in the budget, might take a look at the Hero, it's a great mobo
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