After dusting out, computer powers on for 5 sec, ten turns of, then on/off repeateadly

As the title says, the computer will turn on for about 5 seconds then turn itself off then back on to only turn itself off/on again at the same rate.

I really doubt any components are faulty since this isn't a new build and it only occurred after blowing dust out of it which I regularly do. Already checked loose connections and reseated most of the components and nothing seems to make a difference.

Not sure if specs matter but:
8gb ram
corsair tx650
xfx hd7950
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    1. It used to work
    2. You opened it up to clean it
    3. Now it doesn't work.

    Something is disconnected, even just a little bit. Check ALL of the connections. Not just look at them, Disconnect and reconnect.
    Or something got zapped by static elec. (unlikely).
  2. exactly my line of thinking actually. just wanted to see if anyone had any other ideas before i reseated every connection for the 20th time.....which in fact i did and that seems to have resolved this.
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