Accidentally Partitioned the System Out of The C: now computer won't start

system info
Processor: i7-3740QM
Memory: 24gb
Video Card: GTX670MX 3gb
Primary HD: 1TB 5400 RPM Serial-ATA
Intel Smart Response: SSD Cache - 64gb adata

So here's what I did. I was trying to fix my daughters ASUS tablet, for some reason it wasn't registering it. So I went into the disk manager and partitioned the system folder from the C:, not sure why I did this quite honestly. The real kicker is I was still moving around a fair amount of digital data so I erased my backups in order to facilitate the data. Awesome <sarcasm>. So I ended up turning my laptop off after a few hours. Upon arrival and reboot I find that WIN8 isn't starting up. It registers my drives on the boot screen (1tb Primary Drive and the 64gb SDD, as well as the optical dvd reader.) It will boot to try to fix the problem with the auto repair (no dice, event tried it with the direct connection to my network.) I then try the refresh option, doesn't work. The reset option, also a no-go as the drive is missing a partition. I go into the command prompt and use diskpart. This is how I kind of figured that what I had done in the beginning may have been the source of these woes. The command prompt states x: as the drive it's working off of (I could be wrong, though I'm sure it's supposed to be the default, which in my case was c: I could be wrong) when I run diskpart it doesn't recognize anything outside of the optical drive. So I reboot hit f12 and see if there's anything in there I can change, so I switch out the boots to see if it helps. Once again, nothing. So I've checked out various solutions which is how I ended up using the command prompt, something I'm ungainly in. So I'm reaching out to the community here. If there's a link to this issue being solved drop it in, though I did a search and couldn't find anyone with the similar issue within the hour I spent searching through the numerous questions. Thanks for any info.
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  1. Looks like I was able to fix it without having to go through the whole rigamarole of formatting everything. I was able to use my wifes win 8 laptop and created a recovery drive, not a recovery partition which I did last night through her laptop. I rebooted and success. I pressed f12 changed the usb to the primary drive, it booted up after a minute asked if I would like to continue to win8. Which I clicked and boom everything was up and running. :bounce: Heres he article that helped
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