I Broke My SATA Port What Should I do?

So i was installing a new hard drive and i pulled too hard on the cable i guess, and the whole port came with it. Then i dug myself a deeper hole by breaking a pin on the port when i tried to put it back in. Look at these pictures:
First picture is the outlet:

Second picture is the sata spots i have, 4 but only came with 2 actual ports.

Here there are supposed to be 7 tabs, i broke one to make it 6.

Please Give me some tips on what i should do, i thought about soldering. If there is a sata splitter of some sort, if you could link me, Thanks alot - Andrew
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  1. What about sending your mobo in for a new one?
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    Get a cheap PCI or PCI-E SATA adapter card with two or more ports.
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