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Long range WiFi Card for my Pc

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August 24, 2013 12:02:48 PM

Cheapest possible Card! 0-40€ pricerange if possible ofc.
Or its time to save

Ok these are the conditions.

1. No eyesight to the router.

2. About 60-80m away from second floor. "samsung galaxy tab can reach the wifi point from my outdoor (first floor) since allmost nothing is away." exept 2 beton walls.

3. There is about 2-3 apartments between mine and the router im trying to reach. "meaning 4 beton walls and tvs" maybe one wifi router which i cant access sadly.

i have tried one very old wifi card with singe antenna and no luck with that.

So is it possible from inside of my apartment?
no permits to put antennas outside. (owner of this place is an A******! i know)

Im in finland so it is fully legal to use all open wifi accespoints if they doesnt have password in them.
And im trying to get LAN with my Fella for ps3 and pc gaming. :) 

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Best solution

August 24, 2013 12:12:29 PM

I would suggest a USB card that has the ability to replace the antenna. You could also use a bridge type of device but it may put you over your price limit.

Almost every device you will find on the market will transmit at the maximum power so all will have very similar range. The only way to increase range is to use directional antenna.

So first thing is to place the USB device on a 15ft USB extension cable and place it near a window. If it is small enough you may be able to put it outside unobserved. If this is not good enough get a directional antenna and directly attach the USB to the back of it. You want to avoid using any microwave coax if you can since that just absorbs signal. Since most antenna use N and most consumer wireless users r-smc connectors you will need a small adapter , normally the places that sell antenna sell these also.

Even directional antenna may not help if too much of the signal is being absorbed, many times you need antenna on both ends to make this work

August 24, 2013 12:55:44 PM

yea. somehow i was afraid something like that would be the answer. :/  damn it would be nice if i could get that stuff for loan just to see is it possible :D