Fractal Define R4 - missing bottom filter :(

So as I'm putting together my PC I realize in horror that my R4 doesn't have the removable bottom filter that it is apparently supposed to come with. I'm not sure if I never got it, or it accidentally got thrown away with the packaging (unlikely), but bottom line is I'm missing the entire piece. I bought the case 2 months ago on sale so I'm past my 30 days where I can deal with the retailer. I'm like 95% sure it was missing - I don't see how I could throw that out. It's the windowed white version - can anybody else who's purchased one let me know if the filter came already installed on the case, or was it a separate piece?

Also, does anybody know if there's a way to purchase a new one? I checked Fractal's website and I don't see any for sale...I'm bummed about this, if anybody can help me figure this out I'd appreciate it.
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  1. Pretty sure mine came in the packaging and had to be put in place, there would be a risk of breaking a small grip tab at the end if it shipped in place.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I don't remember seeing it in any of the packaging but I suppose I can't rule out the possibility I accidentally threw it out. Damn. If anybody knows if its possible to buy a replacement one please let me know. Thnx
  3. im fairly certain mine was already in there

    try calling fractal for a replacement, they will probably charge you but it couldnt hurt. i once had an antec laptop cooler where the power cord died after a little while, and while they did charge me i got a new working one soon after

    if not, i would thing you could craft a replacement from some mesh? it wouldnt be perfect, but i'd thing it would be better than nothing
  4. yeah I sent them an email. I don't mind paying for one if I have to, hopefully they provide replacements. I'm assuming they would, even though they aren't listed for sale on the site.

    If your filter was already on, then I know for sure I didn't get one. If it comes packed separately like the other posters said, then there is a chance I could have mistakenly thrown it out...though this still seems unlikely to me. We'll see what Fractal says - hopefully they can help me one way or another.
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    You can get 3rd party filters that just stick on magnetically.
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