can i run games like black ops 2 or gta 4 on intel HD 2000 after giving the onboard graphics 1 gb ?

i`m only asking this because i`ve played a lot of games (UT3 , portal , portal 2 )
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  1. you cannot add 1 gb to your onboard graphics, it is not possible
    what you can do is share your ram with onboard graphics, but it is not going to give you a noticeable performance
    for better gaming performance you will need to lower your resolutions or buy a discrete graphics card
    if you want to play black ops 2 or gta 4 you will need a discrete graphics card since the hd 2000 does not meet the minimal requirements for either of the games you mentioned
    this Gigabyte 6670 will let you play both games for just 70 dollars, but with very low details and resolutions
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    Changing the amount will have no effect on performance in most cases. The reason is windows automatically shares more ram. Plus the hd 2000 is so weak it wouldn't even be able to use much.
  3. i bought a graphics card/
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