Voltages on MSI Board for Overclocking i5-4670k

I have recently build my first ever PC at 19 (I'm still excited). I got a 4670k, Noctua NH-D14 and a MSI z87-G45 Gaming mobo. I was quite interested to OC this as it's the first time I've had a PC with a decent CPU Cooler (my last PC had an E8400 on it to put it into perspective). I watched a decent video that got me to 4.2GHZ.

However I'm looking at going a little bit further as my full load temps on aida64 are less than 60 degrees. It's the voltages I'm worried about though, There are 2 settings - core voltage and ring voltage. Which one of these is the voltage when people refer to their overclock as 4.3 @ 1.2v? And why once I get to boot up does CPU-z show my voltage to be more than the 2 voltages I set (1.2 when I'm on core@1.115 and ring@1.090).

I guess I'm just a massive overclocking n00b. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Your CPU CORE or vCore voltage, voltage are going to vary, the boost in the CPU allows for jumps in freq of the CPU and the voltage automatically goes with it
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