What should i choose?Ps4 or a gaming laptop?

Should i buy a ps4 over a gaming laptop?
Any help is much appreciated! :)
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  1. Well that depends, what are you going to be doing? For purely gaming I would put a pc over a ps4 over a laptop any day. There really is no true gaming laptops out there. Desktops are much cheaper, and better. For gaming if you cant get a desktop the ps4 would be better.
  2. A good gaming laptop costs twice as much as a PS4. You could get the PS4 and a small laptop for the price of a good gaming laptop. If mobility isn't an issue, you could build a very nice gaming desktop.
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    For hardware? PC can have more power and functionality, but that can also be it's downfall. More power, more expensive. Then you got to worry about keeping viruses at bay, keeping everything updated...if you JUST want to game, a console. (I'd personally grab a PC since it'll still be useful after it loses it's use as a gaming computer.)

    TL:DR Console for simplicity, PC for power.

    Games? PS4 you got a controller and can sit back on your couch, which alot of people find comfortable. You can hook a PC up with one, but not all games support it, and you'll need the cables to hook it up to a tv if you want to sit down. PCs have more games, not only since they're older and have accumulated a large library, but since they have access to several free flash and indie games. People also love to mod games, you have to mess around with the files and might need to reinstall if you screw up, sure, but it greatly extends the life of games.

    TL:DR: PS4 for comfort and simplicity, PC for variety
  4. Thank you guys SO much for your help :D
    I've finally decided to buy a ps4 and then in a year when i get a summer job (i am 13) i can afford myself a chromebook wich are usually cheap and that is only going to be for school :).Thanks again :)
    *sorry for the late answer
  5. Just remember a chromebook can ONLY USE APPS FROM THE CHROME WEB STORE. Which should be fine for school, but if you have a certain favorite program to use, you won't be able to use it. (EG: Mircosoft word, specific internet browsers, skype). Just make sure you do your research and you'll be fine.
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