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Hi, i got a new gaming pc (IBUYPOWER), and it works perfectly, but when i played bf3, my mouse started acting weird, when i turn like 90 degrees in the games i only turn like 45 degrees, and then the mouse freezes (as in i have to move mouse again to turn), and some times i cant shoot, and sometimes my gun wont stop shooting unless i press esc, (not only in bf3, in other games) the mouse is new, and not only that when im on my desktop my mouse cursor freezes in some way for like 2 seconds, and disappears and re appears, and when i open some games such as for example crysis 2 or terraria, there is a mouse cursor in the game. (in terraria there is a in game cursor like one that u have when u open game, but my desktop cursor (the one thats white/default) is behind it and trailing it. I am using windows 8, and how do i fix this? can you tell me step by step on how to fix it? my mouse was working perfectly before and now its annoying im like 99 percent sure my mouse isn't broken.
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  2. scout_03 said:

    it was the mouse it broke >.> anyone know any cheap gaming mice that are good, (wireless is what iwant more)
  3. check this and made your choice ( logitech and razer are good one )
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