Windows 8 Pro N version have any disadvantages?

So I'm coming from Mac and I didn't had any personal computer with Windows since I had 15 years old and it was Windows XP, now I have 20, my Mac is old and I bought a PC builded my self, as ppl say multimedia software in Windows is very bad and annoying, I'm also a student and can access to the Dreamspark because my university is on the list, to get software for studying like programming, etc, and some OS.
I decided to go with Win 8 instead of 7, but I don't know which version choose Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Pro N version, I know that N version have not "(Windows Media Player, Camera, Music, Video", but this has any disadvantages? could I upgrade in future to Windows 9 Pro normal and not N or what I won't able to do generally? Obviously I can install other multimedia software, because I will use what I like anyways and not the Windows players. So 8 Pro or 8 Pro N version or doesn't matter?
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    The "N" versions were forced on MS by legal challenges which considered the bundling of Media players as anti-competitive.
    The "N" versions are on avail in some countries and are a waste of time (just like the stupid browser choice fiasco we have to go through in EU).
    So if you can chose.. go for normal 8 Pro.. it will have the media, but you don't have to use it. Even if you get the "N".. you can download the MS media player anyway.. and then not use it if you don't want to!!
    So don't fret.. get the normal.. easiest.. most standard with whats out in the rest of the world.... and keeps your options open.

    Some info on "N" --->


    (P.S. but unless your PC has touch,,.. go Win 7)
  2. The only real difference is the lack of some included media related applications. As you note, Media player, camera, etc, etc.

    It is all available from Microsoft or elsewhere. The N version was tossing a bone to the EU, because they accused MS of illegally using their monopoly to force out other options in those areas.

    As far as upgrading to Windows 9? Who knows? Probably.
  3. Info direct from MS:
    "This version of Windows 8 N includes the same functionality as Windows 8, except that it doesn't include certain media-related technologies (Windows Media Player, Camera, Music, Video). As a result, you'll need software from Microsoft or a third party to play or create audio CDs, media files, and video DVDs, stream music, take and store pictures, and use a webcam. "
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