New Setup 1 boot drive ssd, 2* 3tb hdd raid 0 for storage.

I'm a massive newbie to raid and after 5 hours of forum reading I'm reaching out for help.

My new build is on a Maximus vi hero mobo and I have a crucial M4 256gb ssd I planned to use as a boot drive. The computer will have two barracuda 3tb drives configured to raid 0. I plan to do alot of video editing and im not bothered about the likeyhood of the drives failing before anyone mentions that. My problem is I have no idea what I'm doing.

I've read a number of Articles that suggest you unplug the raid drives before installing windows. I set the bios to RAID mode installed the OS on the SSD and it all booted fine. I ran all updates and went to the mobo website to download the latest storage manager and sata controllers. I then boot up and use Ctrl - I to create my raid array but then I can't boot. For some reason I can't see my M4 in the bios boot priority options.

If someone step by step guide me through the process I'd be so appreciative, I'm clearly in a massive muddle.

Thanks in advance
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    you don't even want raid 0 (yet).
    Install windows to the ssd without the HDD's being attached. Attach the drives as individual drives.

    The key to high editing speeds is to never use the same drive as the source and destination drive. Doing so causes the drive to read, stop, move the head, write, stop, move the head, read, stop, move the head.... Theres a reason HDD's suck at random read/writes and alot has to do with moving the heads.

    Setup one of the 3tb drives as your source and the other as your destination. If you max out the drives speed then buy two more and create a source raid0 and a destination raid0. Make sure your scratch disk is set to the ssd.
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