Motherboard CPU upgrade under 250 (best bang for buck)

I currently have a biostar ta790gx and phenom 2.5 quad core be chip. My problem is biostar never fully supported the am2/3 lineup so I just cant bring myself to pay over 100 bucks on a used amd phenom II x4 965 which is the best chip I can make work (I think), also not supported but with fiddling can be made to work, just to extend the life of a relatively cheap motherboard to begin with. Not to mention it is now double the price to upgrade ddr2 ram over ddr3.

I have settled on the GeForce ti650 boost (most bang for current buck) but I really do prefer AMD chips because once again I feel I can get more performance for the money.

I now am so far behind on specs and tech when it comes to motherboards I feel like I will end up with a bad board.

I am upgrading to play current games decently and use the adobe design suite programs.

I have a excellent case with great ventilation, a newer 500w powersupply, I am buying a ssd to run the os, and at least 8 gig ram.

Any help would be really appreciated.
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    Get an FX-6300 or FX-8320 with an Asus M5897 R2.0
    Or, you could get an i5 3350p or i5 4430 with either an MSI ZH77-G43 or an H87M-Pro 4 from Asrock, respectively.

    The AMD can OC, the Intel can't.
  2. Thanks for the quick response! I will check those out in depth asap...
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