Run d-link wifi modem without Internet connection

I want to use a D-link wi-fi router to enable my iPad to access files on my Mac even when I don't have an Internet connection. When I try to connect my iPad to the D-Link, I get a picture that illustrates no Internet connection and the iPad is kicked off the network.

Can the D-Link be configured to create the subnet without the Internet connection?
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    It should be the same as configuring it as if you did have a internet connection. The dlink should give out DHCP addresses even without the wan port connected to anything.
    Problem is some equipment wants a real internet connection. It tries to immediately connect with something and if that fails it assume there is no connection. If you are getting a IP and it does this then you are a victim of applications that have been dumbed down so the most idiot person can use them with no understanding.
    You of course would have to connect between your devices using the IP address since there is no DNS but you would have to do that even if the internet was active.
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