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So my 6670 is dying I think and I was browsing ebay to see what was out there. Well, I can't really afford anything substantial atm, what with my new baby about to drop and all, so when I saw the ATI Radeon HD 5750 going for $30 with 6 minutes left I just bid on the dam thing on impulse. Well, I won the bid at $40 with $10 shipping.
Now I know this card isn't high end but It's up the ladder a wee bit from my current card. I guess that brings me to the question of what are your opinions, experiences with this card? I's appreciate any feedback, thanks.
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  1. I have a 5670 and play c.o.d. and diablo 3. Does that pretty well plus I hook it up to my 55" to watch movies
  2. what is the difference between these cards performance wise?
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  4. Like te100 was saying, should do you pretty well. In all honesty, I have an AMD Radeon 7850 and too a small point I regret it. Higher end graphics are a bit pricy, they perform wonderfully, but I was getting by playing everything with my integrated Intel HD 4000 Graphics just fine. Granted everything I tried playing was a year or two old and I did it on lower settings, but it worked fine. I feel I would have been fine with a moderately good card.

    That being said, the free games I got with the thing make it the most amazing deal I have ever had in my life, but the point is mid level graphics can still do some pretty impressive gaming.
  5. very helpful thanks

    Yeah I know what you're saying. I've been using the 6670 now to play BF3 since it came out and it played fine on medium settings. I don't need the very best there is, just something decent and stable.
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