Which of these 2 (laptop vs desktop) is better for video editing on After Effects

I have an old desktop that I think needs a new PSU as it's losing power soon after turning on.
It's specs: Core 2 Quad Q9400, GTX 260, 6GB DDR2 RAM

I also have a laptop
Its specs: i5-2410m, GT 540M, 6GB DDR3 RAM

Of the two, which would be faster editing/rendering within After Effects? I'm trying to figure out if it would be worth replacing the PSU on the desktop.

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  1. The laptop is by far the better of the 2. It has an i5 & Gt540m both are far faster then the latter, good luck...
  2. When I looked at a side by side of the graphics cards the GTX 260 looked better in almost all aspects though, also for video rendering I looked at a comparison between the two CPUs and for multi threaded tasks the Core 2 Quad is meant to be 12% faster (a lot less for single thread tasks though)

    I was under the impression rendering videos does take advantage of the multiple cores which is why I'm unsure


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