new build looking for the right PSU

this is my component list so far

rosewill blackhawk
gtx 660ti pe/oc from msi
i7 4770k l312b332
msi z87 g41 pc mate
corsair vengeance 16 gigs 1600mhz
hyper evo 212

im trying to see if i should keep my old cx 500 and slap it in there or wait until i get more spare money (which might take long time) and buy an hx 650

i calculated the power requirements and it said it needed 478 with all components at 100 load

help pls
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  1. your old psu will work.

    that is not a very balanced system though. have you bought the components yet?

    are you doing video editing or 3d rendering or gaming?
  2. i use my computer for video editing from game footage and some gaming (nothing to crazy tribes and blacklight and both borderlands), thought the gaming will stop once i go to school and it will be more of a 3d rendering/video editing machine, would you recommend replacing something?
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