Will a Blu-Ray player/burner work in a 4-year-old PC with an Nvidia GT240?

I have a Dell Inspiron 531 running Vista with two internal DVD drives. I want to replace one of them with an Asus Blu-Ray drive I saw in a catalog.

My graphics card is a Zotac GeForce GT 240 AMP with 500 MB of DDR5 RAM. I have a 300-watt PSU that I've considered upgrading to 650 watts.

When I asked on another board whether I need an HD graphics card all eight people who responded said there's no such card and my present card should work well.. Several derided HD cards as marketing hype..

Here's the catch. I want to be able to take out the old drive, slip in the new one and use the existing cable. Of course, I'll install Cyberlink software.

Well, is this the way to go?
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    I'll start with the HD graphics, "HD" is a term used both by Intel and by AMD for their graphics - Intel it's the built in graphics on the CPU while AMD uses HD for the name of their Radeon cards ie. AMD Radeon HD7970 or Intel 4670k with HD4600. In those cases it is more a marketing ploy than an actual commentary on the card's abilities.

    Your plan to swap a DVD for a Blu-ray should work using the existing cable(s)
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