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Alright, so here's the story. I just installed a new processor and motherboard. I quickly learned that I had to re-install Windows. So I did a half ass job of that just to get me though. I'm getting a 128Gb SSD for my birthday from my parents, and currently I have a 1TB hard drive, and a 250Gb hard drive. When I get the SSD I want to install Windows, and a few programs/games on there. But everything else, such as my documents, other programs, and basically anything else. I would like to think I am quite tech-savy, But this whole multiple hard drive thing is completely new to me so any help, suggestions of your setup, or anything else you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot guys!
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    The posts is in the wrong part of the forum. Should be under storage, not memory.

    Regardless should cover most questions. Read it before you install the SSD.
  2. Thanks for the link! I fixed the tags also
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