Computer Screen Freezes ... Sound Continues !?


As the title says, i'm having computer screen freezes (sound continues)=The screen randomly freezes (usually when im on skype or playing games) but i can still hear the sound in the background and i can still hear my friends on skype but they dont hear me) and if i click that small reset button on computer it freezes again while turning on so i do hard reset to turn it on. I tried waiting for unfreeze but it never does. This just started 1 day ago, before it worked normally.

I've read many forum threads on many websites about this but did not find any solutions. I used Spybot Search and Destroy, Malwarebytes, Avast Pro! full and quick scans and none helped! I updated all my drivers still nothing, freezes continue..I re-installed windows and it still continues! I did windows memory diagnostic tool and nothing helped! Used CCleaner scans..nothing.

What i did when i got most of freezes:

- Played video games (Payday 2, League of Legends)
- Using Skype
- Sometimes browsing web (very rare for freezes)
- Sometimes browsing in folders (very very rare for freezes)

Computer spec:

I would really appreciate any help!
I currently don't have money to buy any new good/better drivers or any hardware!
I'm sorry for my bad grammar, english is not my mother language.
P.S i hope its in the right forum section.
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  1. did you use something new ? like mouse or mic ,headset ?
  2. Nope when it started, yes weeks before the freezing started
  3. jasa004 said:
    Nope when it started, yes weeks before the freezing started

    did you use something new or not ? even programs
  4. Yea i did use new programs/download files (dll,setups..), why?
  5. jasa004 said:
    Yea i did use new programs/download files (dll,setups..), why?

    does the problem come after installing specific program or using new mouse or keyboard ?
    sometimes freezing is the direct cause of new app or driver
  6. I havent changed any keyboards/mouse or such things. The problem started when i downloaded and used a Trainer.exe for a game. The next dame it froze and it continued.. i didnt update/install any drivers before (after i did update nvidia driver).

    EDIT: For info, i tryed to check keyboard response and it doesnt work. (tested with caps/scroll/num lock lights)
  7. Best answer
    try to uninstall Trainer.exe and see
  8. I reinstalled windows so i dont have it on
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