1600x900 screen or 1366x768 screen for work and gaming

I have a choice between a 17" screen @ 1600x900 or a 15.6" screen @ 1366x768.
The 17" screen is $120 more.I will be using the laptop for work purposes but i like to do have the odd gaming session.My eyes are ok and i dont need glasses.The laptop had an nvidia gt640m dedicated graphics.Ive heard a higher res can lower your frame rates,but im not sure by home much since the graphics card i believe is middle of the range.Please give me some advice?

Thanks to all in advance
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    For gaming bigger the monitor bigger the realism. Yes higher resolution monitors causes more load to the GPU to process more pixels. If you don't want really big monitor still want to enjoy gaming then go with a 20 inch monitor which usually have 1600x900 resolutions that dont put too much stress to the GPU.
  2. Can you choose neither? for 15.6" screen i'd say 1600x900 is minimum and a 17" screen would be 1920x1080 everything else is going to look like you put windows on 200% size. If you had to choose i'd say go with the higher resolution
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