Should i use a second wireless home network to set up my desktop pc to the internet ?

I have a wireless home network set up for my computer up stairs and it runs internet to three laptops an ipad.
should i set up another modem and router down stairs in my basement for a new gaming pc ?
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    You want to try everything in your power to get a wired connection to that computer. Wireless is junk for gaming online. I would get a second modem and just connect directly to the computer with an Ethernet cable.
  2. okay thank you thats what ive been looking at online do you know of any cheap but decent modems i should use?
  3. Call your ISP and get a new modem though them.
  4. alright thanks for the help
  5. tiny voices said:
    Call your ISP and get a new modem though them.

    can i connect two modems to the same network ?

    (i imagine from that answer it is.....i just thought is isn't and was surprised..)
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