WD Black vs Blue vs Green which is better?


I will build a new pc soon. I plan to have a SDD as my boot and main program drive but I am going to buy a HDD for the storage drive and put less often used programs on it.

What is the big difference between WD Black, Green and Blue drives?
Plan on buying the WD Black as my secondary drive.
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  1. W.D. HDD Comparison Chart

    It is a bit older as I only see 1 TB drives but it gives you the idea.

    Get W.D. Black as it has 5 Yr warranty.
  2. Black
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    WD Black is very slightly better than WD Blue which is vastly superior to WD Green.

    The WD Blue is typically the best bang for the buck.
  4. Think I will go with Black

    Thanks everyone
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