MSI Gaming App: safe to increase core to "OC mode" speed?

Hello, let me just preface this by stating that I'm still a bit new with overclocking.

My specs:

i5 4670k @ 4.0 ghz
MSI Z87-G45 gaming mobo
MSI GTX 770 gaming
Gskill Ripjaws 8gb RAM
XFX 650Wpro PSU

MSI comes with this gaming app that has 3 modes:

1137MHz Core (Boost Clock:1198MHz) (OC mode)
1085MHz Core (Boost Clock:1137MHz) (Gaming mode)
1046MHz Core (Boost Clock:1085MHz) (Silent mode)

Though the thing I don't like about it is how it remains at those speeds while in "gaming mode" even when I'm not gaming, not to mention certain browser error/crashes when I switch from that to "silent mode."

So I'm just wondering, is it safe to just increase the core clock through a program like PrecisionX to match the "OC mode" of 1137MHz without much testing? I think my GPU out of the box came with a little OC, from reference 1046MHz to 1059MHz.

And I guess the app doesn't boost the memory clock as well right, so manual testing/monitoring should be done for that?
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  1. Yes the MSI Gaming App is safe and i run mine in OC Mode everytime i game (which is every day).

    almost all web browsers have graphics acceleration so when you switch modes it will affect anything using you graphics card including web browsers.

    i think the MSI Gaming App only overclocks the GPU Clock Speed and not the memory
  2. Hello GeekThief, thanks for replying.

    So do you still commonly use programs like Afterburner/PrecisionX or only have the app running at "OC mode" throughout your session? Do you like how the app in OC or gaming mode remains at those core speeds even when nothing's running but the desktop?

    Ya I just don't want to have to switch modes and cause some things to crash all the time (screen goes grey in chrome). So I want to just adjust the GPU clock offset in precisionX so that my current speed of 1059MHz is increased to 1198MHz, which is the boost clock for "OC mode."

    Do you think that increasing the core by so much at one time is safe? Or should I still go slow and steady.

    I see that you have your 770 at 1256MHz. Is that the boost clock? Did it take you a long time to find that speed?
  3. Best answer
    i only use the msi gaming app and don't use afternurner.
    when i exit the msi gaming app my graphics card goes back to it's default speeds.

    the 1256Mhz is what i get from the msi gaming app, but saying that sometimes its 1248 and sometimes it's 1264.

    when overclocking slow and steady is the best way to go. but the cooling on the msi gtx 770 it fantastic and you should be able to do 1200Mhz with no trouble.

    so you can start at 1200Mhz then go up 10Mhz at a time from there.
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