SAPPHIRE HD 7870 OC GHZ Edition or SAPPHIRE HD 7950 3GB with Boost


I'm going to buy a new graphics card soon (probably within 2 months). I'm really doubting between the SAPPHIRE HD 7950 3GB with Boost and SAPPHIRE HD 7870 OC GHZ Edition.

My current GPU is a GTX 550 Ti, so it's definitely a huge upgrade :)

Any suggestions?

PC Specs
CPU: AMD FX 8150 Black Edition
GPU: ASUS (Nvidia) Geforce GTX 550 ti 1024 MB
MOBO: ASUS Sabertooth 990FX
PSU: Antec High Current Gamer 620 Watts

PS: Sorry for bad english
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  1. 7950
  2. I would suggest waiting for the new Hawaiian Islands gpus
  3. whatsup1396 said:
    I would suggest waiting for the new Hawaiian Islands gpus

    That's the problem actually: I'm a bit limited on money, so I suspect when the new series come out, they will be expensive. The thing is, I live in Europe and most computer parts cost more than in the USA. I hoper the price of the 7000 series will drop when the new series come out.
  4. Pavel Pokidaylo said:

    Could you please tell me why the HD 7950 is better ( I'm not that tech savvy :p) ?
  5. 7950 is just the next tier up graphics card and that's all there is to it. If you can wait till presumably late December or early next year (when they release non-flagship Hawaii GPU's) then do that.
  6. Best answer
    I would go for a Sapphire HD 7950 also they are really great GPU's. You cant go wrong with that.

    As far as waiting the way I see it there will always be something better on down the road. If you play the waiting game you will always be waiting. Get what you need now and do not worry about what may be coming later. Unless of course a item is coming in just a few days then that would be different. In either case the 7950 is a good GPU and if it was a choose between a 7870 and a 7950 the 7950 would win hands down.
  7. I have two Sapphire 7950s Flex edition. Honestly they are great cards. They overclock very well and they run cool and quiet. If you prefer Nvidia you can get the 760 but the cheapest one is $250.00 and it's the same performance as the 7950 according to all the benchmarks and reviews.

    You can get this Sapphire 7950 for $220.00 and you get to choose 3 free gamse with it. although it seems to be out of stock at the moment I'm sure they will restock soon.

    Can also get this
  8. Thank you very much everyone, I'm going with the 7950 :)
  9. good choice
  10. One thing though. I don't know what your expectations are for your GPU but when I bought my 7950 I thought I'd be able to play any game at max settings and 60 fps constant with this 300 dollar piece of hardware. I was mistaken. However, two 7950s will give you Titan-Class performance. And if you overclock them it's like 690-class performance. But with one 7950 you will be able to play any game but you may have to dial down a few settings to get better FPS.
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