will my adm a8-3850 apu handle the gtx 760 gpu?

soo latter this year early next year im going to be building a new pc. soo i am going to buy the parts one by one starting with the gpu (gtx 760) and the power supply. but im just wondering untill i get the rest of my parts its my current setup good enough for the gtx760. i will also be getting a powersupply around 750 watts.
in my future build i will be using this gpu and power supply. if you wanna know what my future build will look like it will look like this

amd fx-8350
gigabyte gefore gtx 760
rosewill hive 750w
gigabyte ga-990fxa-ud3 amd3+
WD 1tb harddirve

thats it and also after i build my new comp i will most likely overclock(with watercooling) and add another gtx 760
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    the 8350 is fine for the 760. your a8 will handle the 760, though it will bottleneck it pretty badly... so you'll see a nice jump in its performance when you eventually move on to the 8350.
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