Continued problems with my system crashing after I instill the graphics card driver.


So my problem is that as soon as I install the driver for my graphics card (a gtx 660) my system will crash, and then continue to crash until I can race to disable the graphics card in the device manager window, or until I reset windows.

The important pieces:
AMD FX-6300 cpu
GTX 660 graphics card
MSI 970A-G43 motherboard
2x4GB ram
Windows 8

As for what I have tried already:

Upgrading to Windows 8.1 and installing the newest drivers (version 326.80 i believe) from geforce's website.

Resetting CMOS by removing the battery from my motherboard for a couple seconds.

Booting with only a single 4GB stick of ram

Installing much older drivers from the disc that came in the box with the graphics card. So far this has been the only thing that has made a difference, as my system will take much longer to crash; but nonetheless, it will. I went as far back as XP drivers, and the further back I went the longer it seemed to take to crash, up to about an hour and a half before it succumbed.

Swearing at inanimate objects.

I did make a thread about the problem yesterday, so I'm sorry if anyone feels that I'm spamming the forums ( by the way the thread can be found here - - but not much in that post isn't in this one), but since that thread seemed to be dead and I didn't think that trying to necro it would be appreciated; I made this one.

Any help is appreciated, as I'm a little frazzled by this whole thing, and just want my PC to work.

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    This has come up a few times, but do you have the latest drivers for Win8? Have had a few get Win 7 drivers
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