what happens when windows xp expires

will i automatically get upgraded to windows 7
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  1. no. expires as in when MS quits supporting it. nothing will happen it will continue to work MS will just not provide support or updates. just like 95 98 some people still use them.
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    Basically Microsoft will no longer support XP and you are either left to trust 3rd party devs to keep the system updated. It is really up to you but the best suggestion, especially if you have older hardware is to get a new machine running W7 or W8. Linux is another choice if you are looking to hold off on spending money for now.

    What computer are you running, either the make/model or if it's home built (or other prebuilt) you would have to let us know the motherboard and the processor on it and you might be able to just upgrade that computer, doing a dual boot so you can keep XP.
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