First Gaming Build (Looking for Advice)

Hey, I've finally decided to build my own gaming pc. I've done some research, but I was hoping to get some advice as I am completely new to this. If there is anything you think I could change/add/remove just let me know. I am also looking for a keyboard, so any suggestions on one around $80 would be great. My budget is $1500
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  1. First off, go for the i5 4670K. The motherboard you selected has the z87 chipset, which is meant for overclocking, so I suggest you get a CPU that can OC. Everything elso looks pretty good, but you may want to add a 128 GB SSD. As for keyboards, I own this one:

    It isn't anything fancy, just a no frills, very solid mechanical keyboard. I absolutely love it.
  2. Thank for the input. I was hoping to wait a bit and get the SSD at a later point, I definitely want one but I'm not sure if I can get a quality one within the budget. And the i5-4670k version sounds like a solid choice then.
  3. Avoid Artic Silver's curing problems (see their home page at bottom ... 200 hours of thermal cycling) ......get Shin Etsu

    Don't understand $460 for EVGA 1085 Mhz card when MSI 1137MHz is $400

    SLI MoBo w/ single card PSU ?
  4. Yeah, I'm definitely going to go with the lower price GeForce GTX 770, I was wondering if the titan cooler on the card was worth the extra price. And do you have suggestion for another mobo, I had just read that this one was pretty good.
  5. I would not change the mobo, but the PSU. This one should do you well, and it will give you the option for SLI in the future with room to spare:
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    Be carefull a lot of the 120 z87 mb are only crossfire cirt not sli cirt. The true sli mb are the higher end ones around 150-200 price point. Take a look at r400 case for cosair and toms hardware roundup for newer gaming cases.
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