Does my MotherBoard support dual graphics/GPU Crossfire?

Hello everyone, I just built my PC and I currently am only using the integrated graphics on the A10 6800k APU, and I'm looking to get a Radeon HD 7750 GPU to crossfire. A friend told me that my motherboard doesn't support dual graphics, so it's pointless, but I looked on the manufacturer's website and it said my motherboard DOES support dual graphics. Here is my motherboard - MSI Socket FM2-A75MA-E35

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    Nope, sorry :(
  2. Tradesman1 said:
    Nope, sorry :(

    Since it's too late to change my mobo, could I simply disable the integrated graphics on the apu and just use the 7750?
    Thanks again,
  3. Sure, that'll work, should be much better with the 7750
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