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I recently bought a new motherboard (M5A99X Evo R2.0) to go with my FX-8350.

I understand how to install the hardware, but I am a bit confused regarding my OEM Windows 7 Home Premium... I know that the operating system would be tied to my old motherboard however I would rather keep my applications and configurations as they are.

If I am not doing a clean install: Will I need to be booting off a NEW Windows 7 Home Premium disk? And if so, once I boot off that, is it as simple as putting in my new activation key that I bought?

Or will I be capable of just booting normally (without a Windows 7 disk) and input the key I bought?

Any help/advice would be appreciated.
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    Make a backup of your OS disk, then just install it to the new mobo - Win should examine the hardware and load some MS default drivers to get you running, then update the mobo drivers from the mobo makers website (the ones on the disk that came with the mobo may well be outdated, then run the Wise Registry Cleaner or a cleaner of your choice to clear out references to the old mobo, and goog chancce you won't even need the new key you bought, just try to activate on the net, should give you an error code, and tell you to call, call the number, plug in the error code, the computer will ask how many computers this is installed on answer 'One' and generally they just give a new activation code
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