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So i know how to make a minecraft server. I know I have to add my ip to the notepad document in the server folder. The server works, I can join it and do what I want to. But when i give the server ip to my friends they say they cant join it because the "server is out of range". Is there any way I can fix this?
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  1. Make sure you port forward it and give them the external ip address
  2. how do i do that?, because my dad wont let me touch the modem. A guy said to go to cmd and type ipconfig then go to general ip or something like that, then type it in the search and it will bring the modem website. my dad told me to get off of it. but it doesnt matter anymore. thanks though
  3. If you download Utorrent and open preferences in it, there should be some sort of incoming connection slot, in that disable the random port and enter the port 25565 (Unless you changed it to something else) and so as long as you keep Utorrent open whenever you run your minecraft server, people should be able to connect. Hope that helped! :D
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